Re-Roofing Contractor / Re-Roofing Specialist

Roofing PhotoCertified and licensed to install new roofs, Mid State Roofing understand and educates our clients on the re-roofing process so that you know what to expect and that the job will be done right… the first time!

Choosing to put on a new roof is a big decision and the process it takes to make it happen is also important. Here are some guidelines for you to understand the process and the roofing phase of installing a new roof.

FREE ROOFING ESTIMATE: The first step in the process is handling your free estimate request. Whether you call in and speak to one of our office staff or submit an online estimate request form, we will be able to provide you with a free estimate handled by one of our roofing professionals.
THE RE-ROOFING CONTRACT: Once we have come out, you will receive a proposal for the work that we will be performing. We will provide you with two copies of the contract, one for you to keep for your records and a second for you to sign and return to Mid State Roofing. Once we have received the signed contract your job will be scheduled.
SCHEDULING YOUR JOB: The third step in the process is to prepare for the work to begin. We will select the best crew for your project, and a time for the work to begin (weather permitting). Once we are ready to begin the job we will order the material that is needed and have it delivered, or brought to the job site by the roofers themselves.
PREPARING THE JOB SITE: When the crew arrives, they will begin setting up everything needed to complete your job. This may include tarps, ladders, plywood, extension cords, etc. If there are any questions that you would like to ask during any part of this process, please give us a call. It is always best to inform us of any concerns as soon as possible so we can address them.
ROOF REMOVAL: Tearing off an existing roof can be a loud and dirty process. There is a lot of weight coming off of your home, about 10,000 lbs on average. All of this material has to come off and is placed either directly into a dumpster or on the ground and removed by hand. It is important to understand that we do this everyday, and that many homeowners only have a roof done once or twice in their lives. So again, if there are any questions or concerns please give us a call and we will be able to answer any questions you may have.
TERMITE AND DRY ROT REPAIR: The roof removal process is the first time where the original roof deck is exposed. This is the first opportunity to assess the type and amount of wood that may be necessary to replace. Many homes require little to no repairs, while others may need some wood replacement. We do all necessary repairs.
INSTALLING YOUR NEW ROOF SYSTEM: With a solid deck to work with, we are ready to begin installing your new roof system.
1. UNDERLAYMENT: Heavy duty asphalt saturated felt paper is installed over the exposed decking.
2. SHINGLES: It’s starting to look like a new roof again. Anyone can claim to be a roofer and slap on shingles, but only experienced roofers have the hands on experience installing hundreds of successful projects year in year out with ongoing training, support and inspections.
Roofing Photo3. DETAILS: Details such as vents, step flashing, chimney flashings, pipe flashings, edge metal, valley metal etc. When inexperienced roofers have problems it is usually in the details. For us, there is no such thing as 99%, we feel one drip is 100% failure. Our crews take pride in building a roof system that not only looks great but will provide many years of worry-free service.
4. COMPLETED JOB: Once everything has been completed, we will sweep and haul away all of the debris around the house. All of our roofing trucks are equipped with large magnets that will pick up stray nails around your property. If there was a dumpster used at your property it will be removed immediately after the job has been completed. Most of the time we use our dump trailers.
5. LASTING SATISFACTION: This lasting satisfaction part of the system is really the most important. An astonishing 98% of roofing companies fail within their first 2 years. We are here for you from start to finish; your roof is our roof. You have one of the best companies in the industry behind you.

We stand by our motto, “Our Family Has Your Family Covered!”

Residential Re-Roofing

We will carefully remove and dispose of your old roof, replacing it with your choice of materials. We repair any damage found and bring your roof up to current code standards. We work closely with our clients, treating each home as if it were our own. We are not done until you are satisfied.

Commercial Re-Roofing

We have the manpower to complete even the largest jobs in a timely fashion while maintaining our commitment to personal service and attention to detail.