MCA Superior Clay Roof Tile

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If one word were to summarize M.C.A. (Maruhachi Ceramics of America, Inc.) and its competitively priced tile products, that word would be quality. With nearly a century of experience, the M.C.A label is known worldwide for its excellent reputation in producing roofing tile. M.C.A. has made a commitment to research and development, so that we can be sure every tile you purchase is state-of-the-art in design, specialization and manufactured quality. In every phase of our production and with every variety of tiles, our goal is always the same: to manufacture a clay tile that is of consistent high quality.

M.C.A. standard styles include the One Piece “S” Mission, Straight Barrel Mission, Corona Tapered Mission, Classic Tapered Mission, Turret Tile, Oriental, MF108 Flat, and Improved “S” styles. M.C.A. also offers custom and other unique products.

Our computerized production lines allow us to combine modern technology with centuries-old ceramics knowledge to manufacture a wide variety of flashed colors. M.C.A. colors are “environmentally friendly” and are produced without the use of lead so there is no need to be concerned that rain run-off from your M.C.A. tile will contaminate the soil or water table.

M.C.A. is the first roofing manufacturer to meet Energy Star and Cool Roof guidelines on many of our available colors and blends. M.C.A. can also help you achieve LEED points. M.C.A. tile is not only beautiful and affordable during the construction phase of your project, it may also provide long-term energy savings throughout the life of your building.

M.C.A.’s enormous color selection and range of styles enable you to have greater flexibility to create anything from the most traditional, and old world, to contemporary roof designs.

M.C.A.’s tiles are designed to stand up against the harshest elements, including earthquakes, heavy rain, strong wind, fire, and freeze-thaw conditions. Our tiles are rated Grade 1 according to ASTM C1167 industry standards. This is the American Society for Testing and Material’s rating for clay roofing tile that provide the greatest resistance to severe frost action and the least water absorption.

M.C.A.’s roofing tile is made of 100% clay, carefully mined and tested during each manufacturing process.

M.C.A.’s firing process makes our tile a wise investment. Virtually impervious to fire, M.C.A. tiles are rated “Class A” ASTM E108 Test (UL790) approved.

M.C.A.’s One Piece “S” Mission and MF108 Interlocking Flat Tile can be installed in areas of wind up to 155 MPH, such as Guam or the Caribbean, or 120, MPH in the Metro-Dade County.

M.C.A.’s state-of-the-art production system enables us to be a leader in the clay roof tile industry. Please contact us for a current lead time on our tile or for assistance with color or style selection.

M.C.A’s automated production allows us to offer you quality tile priced competitively with other tile manufacturers. There is no reason to settle for a substitute when you can have roof tile that is both beautiful and affordable.

A world apart from anything you have specified before, M.C.A. Clay Roof Tile is a major element in roofing design. Our products have been used extensively on military, custom, residential, commercial, educational, and institutional buildings. M.C.A. Clay Roof Tile is well suited for applications in areas designated for high wind and freeze/thaw conditions. A 3:12 pitch is a minimum application for a roof; however, many installations include steeper pitched mansard roofs, turrets and unique custom designs.

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